Classical Gas

Since it all began in 1936, the Albany Classic has attracted all kinds of classic characters. It’s a breeding ground for a great story.

About the Festival

Albany’s main street and parks buzz with live entertainment, activities, markets, car displays, movies, museum exhibitions as well as local restaurants and businesses providing Classic hospitality. A wide variety of foods will be available with

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Annual Posters

Each year we release a new poster showcasing memorable tin cans, cool cats and dynamite broads. It’s a real treat for your blinkers!

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A Classic Christmas

NOW SING ALONG! Down in the Southern Land, It’s time to take a stand, And recognise our worth, ‘cause we delivered first, Around the Houses fun, Open to every one…

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Come see all the history to-day
At Albany of Western Australia
Aboriginal History – Early European History – Anzac History
karri forests
Beaches as white as snow
[ensure to bring ones togs]
Lavish dining experiences
– and the great –
Gap and Natural Bridge
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